Best Bass Earphones Under 1000 INR!

Earphones are quite essential commodities to choose from and when it comes to budget it is very difficult to select from the available range. Some earphones provide good bass, along with loud sound and if you are an ardent music lover, then surely a good bass earphone is imperative. But have you ever thought that you can get some of the best bass earphones under 1000 Rs.?  

Getting bored and want to listen to your favorite Rock band using a good pair? Yes, absolutely that’s why we are here. We will provide you a brief insight into the world of best bass earphones under 1000. You will love these earphones and so give it a try. The main agenda is to save your money as well as time.

Nowadays, you will find many bass earphones at an excessive rate. However, they won’t always serve the right purpose and are not meant for long term use. So what is the point of wasting so much money in buying fancy earphones which fails to provide a satisfactory outcome? After various rounds of testing and research, we have come up with the best quality bass earphones at a pocket-friendly rate. So read this article, grab the best one and keep your ears afresh.

Handpicked Bass Earphones at a Pocket-Friendly Rate

Below are the best bass earphones under 1000.

1. Sennheiser CX 180

Sennheiser CX 180 bags the first spot on our list of best bass earphones under 1000. These Sennheiser earphones were released in 2014 but to the utter surprise, it stills earns great appreciation because of the good quality sound and hailed by many as the best bass earphones under 1000. Mostly this earphone is widely used by music lovers. For good sound clarity, it can be the perfect choice for you.

The high-performance audio sensation is what makes it unique. It comes with a noise cancellation ear canal buds which provide distinct, concise and balanced audio reproduction. The frequency range varies from 40-18000 Hz which will enhance your exposure towards the better sound. It is so handy that you won’t get the feeling that you are wearing it. Now let’s take a cakewalk on the notable features which makes it a nice traveling companion.

 Sennheiser CX 180 Earphones.
Notable Features

1. It provides awesome quality bass sound along with a good quality stereo sound.

2. This is convenient to use and comfortable since it fits easily on the ear canal. Also, this is available in various sizes.

3. It reduces the outside which gives a better listening experience. Thanks to the exclusive Noise Cancellation features.

4. Moreover, this earphone is available with a 3.5 mm plug which works very well with portable devices such as smartphones, music players, etc.


  • You can wear this earphone for 4-5 hours at ease.
  • The bass is profound and clear.
  • If you like metal or grunge, then you can have the taste of clarity of a vocalist.
  • It comes with 2-3 years of warranty.
  • This earphone is accompanied by a base enabled stereo sound feature.
  • It provides a balanced sound.


  • There is no provision for the microphone.
  • Cables are damage-prone.

For balanced audio lovers, this Sennheiser earphone can be the perfect match. Majority of the Indian music lovers like bass. So if you are among them, you will love this one. 

2. 1More Piston Fit (Mic)

We put this in the second option on the list of best bass earphones under 1000 owing to the superior design and excellent metal finish. These earphones are strong as well as durable and come with an aluminum cover with a good quality textured surface. 

The ear tips are inclined at a 45-degree angle so that it won’t slip from your ears. Special mention is the Noise Isolation mechanism. Your ear will remain fresh with good sound even during traffic. Apart from this, there is an inline microphone along with a single button remote to answer cools and music control.

The sound quality is superior compared to the other contemporary models. You will experience a shrill audio output which will help you to distinguish between two nodes. The bass is balanced and well built and as a result, your ears will not get affected. It gives good quality sound along with a clear voice which is ear relaxing. 

1More Piston Fit Bass earphones with mic.

Notable Features

1. This product is made of Piston classic oblique angled ear fit which will easily fit your ear canal.

2. It brings you 3 sets of ear tip which makes it proper fit.

3. They are ear warming and fewer chances of slippings when you are enjoying music in a carefree note.

4. It is available with a Retro Meet modern designed iPhone matched color splurge on aluminum which coalesces to give good aesthetic value.

5. Furthermore, it is designed with a double-coated composite driver to instill with aerospace-grade titanium which provides the sizzling look and strong base.

6. The frequency of the sound varies from 20 to 20,000 Hz.


  • It provides an eye-catching look.
  • This product is built with superior quality materials.
  • It provides detail mids.
  • Quality bass is produced.
  • It gives an overall balanced ambiance sound.
  • This product is available in three different colours like black, silver, and blue.


  • There are slight chances of sound leakage.
  • This product is quite bulky.

It can generate awesome quality sound along with distinct vocals. Therefore, we highly recommend this for those who like rough vocals.

3. JBL C200SI

C200SI is the new release of JBL which is mainly meant for bass lovers. It is one of the finest qualities of audio products intended for music lovers.

The design of the JBL C200SI is breathtaking. The module is quite small built with plastic but comes with a solid finish. Cables used here are sturdy and tangle-free. It is quite cogent as well as lightweight although the path is still untrodden we can assure you that it won’t fall out of your ears.

It comes with a proper quality microphone and provides a single button remote for so that you can manipulate it on your own. 

In a word, the Audio output is excellent which earned it the tag “Pure Bass”. The sound is profound as well as high pitched. If you like to use EDM, then this can be the best pair you can afford. Now let’s have a look at the design features.

JBL C200SI bass earphones
Notable Features

1. It provides a good quality signature sound.

2. This model comes with strong bass.

3. It is equipped with a Universal Remote equipped with Mike.

4. Moreover, it gives Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri.

5. It is built with notice repealing features.

6. This earphone comes with a good quality finish.

7. It is quite light and comfortable equipped with 3 ear tips of varied sizes.


  • This product comes with superior quality sound.
  • The design is quite elegant.
  • It is made of detailed mids and highs.
  • This earphone comes with noise-canceling features.
  • This will give you a balanced bass.


  • No hard case is available with this.
  • Single-button is placed in the mic pod.

Since it is lightweight, we advise people to use this while traveling. It will fit into your ear easily and there are minimum chances of fall out.

4. Sennheiser CX213

Sennheiser CX213 is the perfect one for the concise design and you can wear them using a hat or helmet. This earphone is perfect for the regular gym goers and you don’t have to compromise with the audio quality. It can be perfect for situations such as biking, running, hiking or running. 

The sound which it provides is of high quality both in terms of accuracy and enjoyment. With a well-maintained bass, it provides awesome audio vibes. The earphones are mostly lightweight and come with perfect size. It reduces fatigue in-ear canals thereby keeping your ears fresh. Therefore, you can use this for long jamming sessions. Now when such earphones are available with amazing sound quality, it is a must for you to know the attributes of this lovely pair.

Black Sennheiser CX213 bass earphones
Notable Features

1. It comes with the latest finger contoured housing design which provides good adjustment along with amazing hearing vibes. 

2. Moreover, the ear adapters are available in various sizes.

3. Strong, stereo sound with good bass is present.

4. Noise cancellation separates it from the outside noise.

5. It is built for good quality CD, MP3 Players, as well as proper gaming systems.

6. Also, the symmetrical cables are there. It provides surplus bass that makes the music quite groovy.

7. This product comes with a warranty of 2 years.

8. The maximum limit of the sound pressure level is 115 dB along with impedance of 16 ohms.

9. The frequency of this earphone varies within 25-20,000 Hz. It is integrated with an intraoral transducer dynamic mechanism.

10. Moreover, this is meant for CD, MP3 players, and good quality gaming systems. 

11. The symmetrical cable is organized in such a fashion that it avoids twist.


  • Both sound and bass quality is exceptional and perfect for musical ears.
  • The bass is quite clear.
  • It is one of the best bass earphones under 1000 and it is a great value for money.
  • This product is available with earbuds of different sizes.
  • It is accompanied by a 1.2 m cable and is ideal for listeners.
  • This is made of awesome noise cancellation features.


  • Some users dislike this owing to the overpowering bass and hollow sound.
  • In some cases, it fails to satisfy a true music lover.
  • Cable quality is moderate.

This is a perfect upgrade of CX 180. There is a thin line of difference if we compare this with CX 180. Small modifications make it unique and quite popular among avid music lovers. So, music freaks will surely fall in love with this pair because of its amazing stereo driven bass. Thus it is noted as one of the best bass earphones under 1000 range.

5. JBL T100A

Showering some innovative technical expertise from some good quality speakers in this musical world, JBL created these lightweight earphones that provide signature JBL sound. Enjoying this ambient soundtrack wherever you travel simply signifies the fact that you can use it for an extended period of time without any fallout. 

It is among the ear canal phone type and the build is decent. The ear shells and button shells are composed of plastic. However, it provides a good quality touch with low weight. It is built with a 3..5 mm axial jack along with an 8 mm driver penetrating the earphone. Moreover, it is equipped with a single button that can pause as well as play the music. Apart from this, you can add and cut calls using an inline microphone. As a whole, the build is quite good along with a dazzling finish. 

Talking about the performance, the earphone is quite great. The 8mm drivers generate crystal clear sound with good quality sensitivity. JBL earns a huge value in the market because of the heavy earphones. Therefore, the bass quality is really amazing and we can expect a hard-hitting bass performance from this model and it won’t disappoint you. It comes with a distinct bass quality and as a result, it is often regarded as one of the best bass earphones under 1000. The extra bass doesn’t have any adverse effect ups and lows of acoustic beat and mid-tones are ear soothing.

Even if you use this earphone for an extended period of time, you won’t get irritated because of the lightweight. Special credit goes to superior plastic quality. Now let’s burst into the prominent features of this device.

White JBL T100A earphones.

Notable Features

1. It is catered to produce quality sound.

2. This is equipped with a button mic that helps telephonic applications.

3. It provides a JBL signature sound.

4. The entire dimension of this package is 16.6*4.4*4.2 cm.

5. The weight of this product is almost 50 grams.

6. It is engineered for telephonic gadgets.

7. Moreover, it is light enough and you can carry this while traveling.


  • The sound quality is really breath taking.
  • It is a good value for money.
  • Apart from this, it comes with noise cancellation features.
  • Buds are quite comfortable.
  • It keeps up with the brand name by providing authentic JBL sound.
  • This is compatibility with almost each and every device.


  • Angular Jack is of moderate quality.
  • Clarity drops when music with high bass is played.

Overall this product is of good quality. It is meant for extravagant bass and a high groove. The most important part is that it is compatible with Nokia Lumia 520, and Blackberry Z3. This can be the ideal choice for avid music lovers and so don’t miss out on this. Also, the mic range is long enough and you won’t have to bring this closer to the mouth.

6. Boat BassHeads

It is one of the best bass earphones under 1000 INR price range. Now as the name implies, it is meant for those who are avid lovers of music, most of them like to listen to high bass music. The earphones pack 10 mm drivers powered with high-quality stereo sound. 

It comes with high noise resilient features that make your ears fresh avoiding the unruly cacophony. Apart from this, it comes with an inline microphone which helps you to add or reject calls.

The microphone is built with a play/ pause button which can easily avoid tracks through the long press mechanism. Surprisingly it resembles earphones having an INR price of 500. This is to mention that metal casings present on the earbud are something which you won’t find at this price.

Earphones are not that durable. You have to be quite careful while packing them. Apart from this minor fault, Boat BassHeads is one of the best quality earphones under 1000 range. So if you are pondering for a cheap pair of earphones, then you must give it a try. But before that let’s outline the major features.

 Boat BassHeads Earphones
Notable Features

1. The stylish Boat BassHeads are wired headphones that come with a particular fashion statement. It will add value to your attitude and so wear the attitude with amazing jet black and frosty white color.

2. Therefore, always ready to turn your heads wherever you move since it won’t fall out. 

3. Truly it comes with a unique amalgamation of style and performance. The frequency of this earphone varies within 20-20,000 Hz.

4. Sensitivity varies between 92-95 dB.

5. The strong 10 mm dynamic driver is accompanied by a speaker resistance of 16 ohm that activates the earphone to provide a rhythmic response to the most dynamic tracks.

6. It comes with an HD microphone that provides clear calls. Also, it can pause/ play music or video or end calls with a single click, move back and forth using 3 clicks that make it extremely user-friendly.

7. It is available with 1.2 m cable and can be carried anywhere with ease. 

8. When it comes to fitting, it can adjust better than your T-Shirt. The perfect fit won’t bug you to take it off for a while. 

9. Perfect arc available with ear tips of various sizes helps you to gain perfect comfort even during an extended time period.


  • The bass output is excellent.
  • Build quality is awesome.
  • It comes with a flat design of cable and doesn’t get twisted.
  • Moreover, the strong 10 mm drive provides clarity of sound.
  • It comes with an awesome noise cancellation mechanism.


  • It is not lightweight.
  • Also, it is over tweaked to some extent.

It is highly recommended for those who are into heavy metal music, post-grunge, extreme metal, nu-metal, and many more. Therefore, it is perfect for those who are searching for those earphones which produce fantastic sound. Moreover, you will get a feel of HD super extra bass.

Overall, it comes with a nice build and the overall finish is just perfect.

7. Skullcandy Jib In-ear Earphones

No earphone list is complete without discussing certain brands and Skullcandy is one such household name. If you are looking for good quality earphones having astounding features, then you can rely on Skullcandy Jib In-ear Earphones. The earphone comes with excellent designing and you can flaunt your style using any color from the available list. 

The wires are generally 1.2 m long and come with 10 mm drivers. Whereas, the other ones in this range are available at 9 mm. A bigger driver always helps in producing good quality audio. As a result, it is a good improvisation.

The frequency varies from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which is quite evident in the majority available which falls under this range. It comes with a plethora of audio features although the frequency range is not that much like the other costly ones. It can easily fit on your ears. However, the ear tips come in three packs and henceforth you can change them as per your choice.

Black Skull candy Jib In-ear Earphones.
Notable Features

1. It provides top-quality sound. Jib comes with supreme sound technology that gives dynamic sound through several sorts of music.

2. Moreover, it comes with noise repealing features. Three different types of gels block the outside noise and keep you grooving your own music.

3. It can fit comfortably. A pack of three gels provides a perfect noise-isolating fit that keeps your ears fresh.

4. It is catered to produce supreme quality sound. The buds provide dynamic strong sound and all the credit goes to Supreme Sound.


  • The 1.2 m long provides easiness in listening to your favorite music without any extra effort even when the phone is kept in the pocket.
  • It is integrated with 3.5mm jack and due to this, it goes well with Android and iOS sets.
  • When durability is taken into consideration, these earphones are the best.
  • Excellent sound quality is received when the earbuds fit completely on your ears.
  • It comes with the noise cancellation feature.


  • It is not available with any microphone and therefore it is not worthwhile for those who are looking for headphones with calls only.
  • You won’t get more than one earbuds. As a result, it becomes problematic at times since these might not fit your ears.

Skullcandy is a household name mostly common among the music lovers since it presents the users with amazing earphones. The most fascinating part is that you won’t have to take a headache about fitting. This is because it comes with a snug fit which will distract you from the outside noise.

Moreover, the sound which it produces comes with high-quality bass. So if you are alone, you can use this and listen to your favorite music.

8. Sony MDR-EX150(Mic)

Make your life simple and optimize your listening experience with Sony MDR-EX150(Mic). Yes, you are absolutely this is the next best bass earphones under 1000 in this list.

Sony earphones come with good quality sound which is a unique blend of softness and high pitch. All these contribute to the exceptional audio quality. The bass quality is balanced as well as profound and so it gives you a natural vibe. 

But the bass is not that much high and so if you are looking for a pair with a quality bass, then this is not the ideal one. However, to get a distinct clarity coupled with good bass, then this can be your perfect choice. Truly, quality audio is what we are concerned about. 

This is not an earphone that has an only good audio system, it also possesses a unique stylish look that stands out among all the others. It is designed with a metal finish. But the most fascinating part of the design is that is comfortable for long term purpose.

Moreover, it is equipped with a microphone along with a remote control in order to track the incoming calls. You need to configure your mic for volume control or you can easily track your control functions.

Sony MDR-EX150 with mic earphones.
Notable Features
1. It comes with an inline mic for handsfree calling.

2. The 9 mm neodymium drivers are meant for powerful viable sound.

3. This is very lightweight which provides optimum mobility of the music.

4. It is quite comfortable and fits perfectly if you want to listen for a long period of time.

5. The silicon air bud does the trick.

6. It is available in different colors. So match the style according to that.

7. The metallic finish is very shiny.

8. The frequency range of this earphone varies between 5Hz to 24K Hz. 

9. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

10. The dimension of this product is 4*6*18.


  • It fits comfortably without any problem.
  • Thus is available in six different colors and so you can choose as per your choice.
  • It is equipped with a wire manager which avoids twisting of the wires.
  • This earphone is equipped with silicon earbuds if you are listening for a long time.
  • It comes with an ear-boggling sound.


  • This doesn’t come with a mic for video calling.
  • No branded wire is present.

Sony MDR is the perfect option for those who are up for sounding bass earphones. It is equipped with a 9 mm neodymium driver which provides balanced output. These are extremely and henceforth, it can easily be placed on your ear. 

But the most problematic part is that you won’t get a microphone for voice calls. But if we negate this, it is one of the best bass earphones under 1000.

9. New Mi Earphones (Mic)

The New Mi Earphone is one of the most recent releases from the Xiamoi family. It has a classy look and has a metal finish. Truly speaking, one cannot say that these bass earphones are available under 1000. In a nutshell, we must say that these earphones have good build quality as compared to the previous models.

Special thanks to Mi for releasing such user-friendly earphones with a gamut of features. It is not only just looks great superficially but comfort is the main factor because of which people rely on this. 

It is very comfortable owing to the distinctive design along with tender silicone ear tips. The most important part is it comes with a top-quality microphone and three malfunction buttons. With the help of these buttons, you can control music as well as track incoming calls. You are right, there are specific Volume buttons. 

It provides awesome quality sound. The overall audio is quite loud and groovy because of the presence of a metal chamber. Secure fit minimizes the outside noise and enhances the sound quality.

A bass sound is clear as well as decent similar to CX 180. The treble and vocal sounds are excellent as compared to the price. 

Grey Mi Earphones
Notable Features

1. It comes with a dynamic bass sound.

2. This is built with a wired remote.

3. It comes with a metal sound chamber.

4. The wired control provides ease in access. This is because the metal chamber is built with a 20 step process that provides awesome quality sound.

5. It comes with 3rd Gen Balanced Damping.

6. This is made of Aerospace Grade Metal Diaphragm for a resonating sound. It provides awesome sound in mid as well as bass ranges.


  • It comes with a stylish look.
  • This is built with a metal finish.
  • It provides good quality noise cancellation.
  • Moreover, it comes with microphones having three buttons.
  • This is an excellent brand as far as the price is concerned.


  • It sometimes falls out easily.
  • This is not suitable since it gets twisted at times.

It is highly recommended for those who are used to high pitch sound. It has garnered a huge brand name owing to its superior quality sound coupled with modernized use of technical jargon.

Moreover, it is one of the best if we consider the price of this product. So, if you are looking for the long term, yes surely this can be a total win-win situation.

10. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100

The Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 is intended for those who are ardent lovers of rock and metal genres. These earphones will provide distinct vocal sounds perfect for both males as well as female voices. 

You can feel the whole tempo and hear each word clearly in these headphones. But if you are pondering on bass, then it might not be the perfect choice for you. This is owing to the fact that these headphones are intended for podcast listeners.

The most important part is that these headphones are made of plastic material. Plastic earphones help you to store and carry the headphones without any sort of twist in the wire. It is lightweight as well as comfortable.

The sound it emits provides great clarity along with great detailing. Audio Technica ear fit is perfect for those who are exposed to enriched musical genres. Moreover, it comes with the noise cancellation features that prevents outside noise.

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 best bass earphones under 1000 Rs.
Notable Features

1. It provides clear distinct sound along with total resolution.

2. This provides a good audio experience while traveling abroad.

3. It is built with long-wearing design.

4. This earphone is available in 8 different colors.


  • This earphone gives distinct clarity in the sound.
  • It is worth the money you spent.
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • It is perfect for music lovers.
  • This is available in different colors.


  • It gets tangled at times. So handle it carefully.
  • There is no provision of the mic.
  • The wire quality can be better.

It is one of the best bass earphones under 1000 INR range. This earphone comes with proper quality sound and quite a balanced bass we must say.

So this audio Technica ATH CLR-100 can be the perfect choice for those who are ardent music lovers. You will surely enjoy this music for a long period of time using this earphone.

11. What will you Expect from Earphones Below 1000 INR?: Factors to Look Upon

You should watch out the below factors before you go ahead.


The foremost feature that everyone must hunt for while purchasing the best bass earphone under 1000 is a comfort. These earphones are designed with rubber eardrums that ensure that you get the utmost comfort.

Thus you will get sure while buying earphones available under the price range of 1000. You will wear them throughout the day and still not feel any pain or other problems related to your ears.

Size of the Eardrum

While providing comfort, the best earphones under 1000 range also give you different eardrum sizes to ensure that you select your perfect wear. This will also make sure that you don’t face any ear-related problems in the near future due to incorrect size. So it is advisable to have a look at the size of the eardrums.

Tangle-Free Wires

Another significant feature that most people watch while buying earphones is the presence of wires which are not tangled. This helps you to have a hold on both times as well as the effort of untangling while listening to your favorite music. Apart from this, you can also search for wireless earphones if these twisted earphones bug you a lot. 

Powerful Drivers

Apart from the above-mentioned features, you can also expect a great deal from these kinds of bass earphones. The workability of these earphones is directly associated with their drivers. You can always want 8-10mm powerful drivers along with these earphones along with a good quality sound.

Noise Cancellation

While moving slowly it is to mention that the feature that eradicates all the outside noises from your earphones is one of the most alluring features. You can always look for such attributes in earphones under the price of 1000 in India. This feature will give you the feeling that you are a sole entity and separates you from the materialistic world.

Other Things to Watch Out For

You should look for those using which you can manage your calls or track the music using a universal remote. Also, you might look for lightweight material so that it becomes handy for you wherever you go. While choosing the best earphones below 1000 you should look for the durability of the product. Also, you must see whether it comes with quality ear trips so that you can use the extra one if one doesn’t fit properly.

12. Optimize Your Musical Journey through Good Quality Earphones Without Any Intrusion

Here is the list of the best bass earphones under 1000. Now, you have a profound idea about the best earphones under this 1000 INR range. After thorough research, we have come up with the two best earphones namely-New Mi Earphones (Mic) and JBL T100A. 

Nevertheless, we suggest you go through the entire guide to get a good grasp on the best quality earphones under the price range of 1000. So read this article thoroughly from scratch to know every bit of it. Also, have a look at the buyer’s guide which we have mentioned here. This will help you to choose the best pair. 

This is all about the article. The under 1000 range earphones are the most vibrant ones and so listening to quality music doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot. Just read this guide, choose the best one as per your need and order online. However, if you like this article provides your valuable feedback in the comment box. 

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