Best Earphones under 1000 – Addressing The Merits Earphones Added In Our Survival

Are You Looking for best earphones under 1000. Is there any refined way to escape from our surroundings by phasing out all the hue and cry and just depart to the world of pleasant acoustics other than having a pair of earphones?

Earphones are a tremendous gizmo to anything from watching a movie or listening to your favorite music and even taking the audio/video lectures on your mobile device. You can also tune in to any book of your choice that is available in the audio format while you are on your daily commute, as you are buried under the workload and couldn’t get some me-time. 

It is not like that earphones are only used for recreational purposes, but the actual game of mixing sounds and composing a beautiful track is just an impossible task without a pair of good quality headsets or earphones.

Not just mixing and composing, an earphone/headphone is also the most significant part of the recording process. The earphones are also widely used in the communication industry by providing appended functionalities like microphone and telephone. 
The earphones which are in-ear types comes usually in two modifications. The one which stays just outside the ear canal, these ones are generally known as and also called ear-buds. The other modification is of the type where the earpiece rests inside the ear canal, however, both are just known as ear-buds but actually this type is called canal phones. 

In general, people don’t pay much attention while getting a pair of earphones for themselves. You should check the specifications, and here, we are trying our best to enlist the best earphones under 1000 for your suitability.

10 Prime In-ear Earphones: A Structured Analysis

These are some of the best earphones which Amazon is offering you at the best price.

1) Sony MDR-EX150AP

This series of Sony earphones which comes with AP series is equipped with an in-line microphone which allows you to take calls and record the crisp audio. There is also a simple version that is available and doesn’t come with the microphone.

So, look closely at the product details while getting one. The good thing about the packaging that Sony is providing is that it is fully transparent and gives you a better look at what you are getting. 

best earphones under 1000


  1. These earphones are available in a variant of different colours.
  2. The build quality of these Sony earphones is very good and provides a robust feel.
  3. There are extra ear tips provided within the box and they are of different colours to distinguish different sizes.
  4. The earphones come with noise cancellation microphone which is actually helpful in chaotic places.
  5. The in-line microphone present on the rubberized but textured cable gives you access to take or end calls along with changing the music track you are listening to.
  6. The 3.5 mm jack is angled at 90-degree and gold plated.


  • The sound signature produced by these earphones is above average and provides a very clear sound with the treble is a bit on the high side and bass comes out a little low.
  • Another good thing about these earphones is the build quality. For this price segment, the build is top-notch and is definitely not compromised.
  • Considering the price of this product, the overall feel is much premium.
  • The earpieces are labeled R & L so that you don’t get confused and experience the best sound output.
  • There is a plastic piece comes attached to the cable that can be used for many purposes like cable management.
  • The ear tips are very soft and you can easily them comfortably for a longer period of time.


  • The rubberized cable could be a bit flimsy and easily damaged.
  • The plastic used in the build could be a bit better.
  • The balance between treble and bass is on an odd side.
Should you buy?

The answer to this question relies totally on person to person. If you are a music head and want to listen to crisp audio, then you will not enjoy these earphones. If you are just an average user who takes calls and listens to podcasts, then these are the best bet for you at ₹899.

2) Mi Basic Earphones

The two variants of these earbuds are available in this price segment, one with rubberized cable and the other one is braided for a bit of a higher price, still a lot under ₹1000. For an average user, these are the best earphones under 1000 rupees mark.

The packaging in which these earphones come is of very good quality and the product is kept with a lot of protection. The in-line microphone is present on both variants, however, on the lower one, only a single button to take and end calls and invoke personal assistant is available.

On the higher variant, the cable is made of Kevlar fiber and in-line microphone has 3 buttons, one like that of another variant along with volume up and down buttons. 

best earphones under 1000 in india


  1. The earpiece is angled at 45-degree.
  2. There are three colours available, black, silver, and red. 
  3. The build quality is also very good and has the potential to last for a longer time if handled well. 
  4. The extra tips of sizes-small, medium, and large are provided within the box. An extra, medium one comes pre-applied on the earphones. 
  5. The 3.5 mm jack is right-angled and provides a good connection. 
  6. The cable is rubberized in the lower variant, however, it is braided with Kevlar fiber on the higher variant. 
  7. There is no noise-cancellation microphone present on the earbuds.


  • The sound output is very balanced. The bass output is not overly done and doesn’t give you a headache if you are booting them for longer periods.
  • The microphone is also of very good quality and the other party will never complain about defective or damaged sound when you are on a call.
  • The lightweight adds up to the positive side as you will not even feel them in your ears.
  • Also, both the earpieces come with L & R labelling to provide the best possible sound signature.
  • The price and the features make it the most value for money and one of the best earphones under 1000 rupees.


  • The mids get lost somewhere and the bass output is also strictly average.
  • The remote is also a bit flimsy and not up to the mark.

Should you buy?

If you are looking for a pair of earphones that can provide you good sound along with not making a dent in your pocket, then these earbuds could be the best options for all your needs. The lower variant will cost you around ₹399 and the higher one will be available for ₹699.

3) JBL C100SI

Your search for a good quality budget earphone will most probably end here on these offerings by JBL which are known as C100SI. The drivers present on these earphones are very much dynamic and are of 9 mm with the frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. JBL is offering the product with a very subtle yet sturdy packaging and all the necessary details are mentioned on the backside of the box. An information manual and warranty card come packaged inside the box. JBL is providing a 1-year warranty on this product.


  1. On the earpiece, the noise cancellation microphone is present to help you in avoiding unwanted chitter-chatter on your daily commute or anywhere else.
  2. The present on the earpiece also works as a bass compensating speaker.
  3. The construction or build quality of the whole product is done very well and made to last longer.
  4. There is also an in-line microphone present along with a single button to take, send, or end calls and you can also play/pause the music.
  5. The material used is plastic and comes with a rubberized cable with a straight style gold-plated 3.5mm jack.
  6. The cable is long enough with a length of 1.2 meters.


  • The bass output is what Indians like so much and it is not very much thumpy to give you the headache on long uses. However, it provides good output whenever there is a need.
  • These earphones can be a very good choice for treble and pop lovers.
  • The sound output for the mids is great, the vocals sound a little bit muddy though.
  • The button present on the in-line microphone also triggers the virtual assistant present on your mobile.
  • The branding done by JBL on this product is also of great quality and provides the premium feel.
  • The comfort level is enhanced because of the light-weight of this earphone.
  • It provides better sound output overall in comparison with the Mi Basics.


  • The build quality has a lot of scope for improvement and JBL should focus on that.
  • The volume buttons are highly missed on these earphones.
  • The comfort level is good, however, not on par with JBL’s own offering T200A.
Should you buy?
If you are in search of an earphone with an overclocked bass output, then this product is definitely not for you. But, for overall better sound quality and comfort in juxtaposition with the competition like Mi Basics, this product is what we would recommend over Mi ones. With the price of ₹649, you can’t ask for more than this.

4) Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK

Audio-Technica has a very good reputation in the industry regarding sound output, build quality and overall comfort, and there are many good things about this product as well. The product comes in very attractive packaging, however, the unboxing could be a bit tedious for you. In the box, you will get the earphone, cable management tool, and an information manual.

There is a very big con that is attached to this product and we will be covering that later in this article. The cable used is of very thin quality and you have to be extra careful. If you are a music lover and don’t use earphones for calls, then this product can easily be the best earphones under 1000 rupees for you.


  1. The product is available in an array of colours such as white, blue, pink, lime green, orange, and red.
  2. The earpiece is angular which is very helpful in keeping them in your ears while you are jogging or running.
  3. The sound quality is just awesome, each and every detail is evident and vocals are extremely clear.
  4. The whole is rubberized and not of the tangle-free material.
  5. Extra earplugs are bundled within the box, the medium size ones are pre-applied while the small and large sizes are present in the box.
  6. The 3.5mm jack is the right-angled one and fits snug in the port. 
  7. The unboxing experience is not made very easy.


  • The biggest pro of this product is the sound quality. The mids, vocals and everything is just balanced and produce a very premium sound signature.
  • The gold-plated jack actually helps in maintaining better connectivity and giving the best possible output.
  • You can boot them for longer times without facing any irritation or discomfort.
  • The canal-style earpiece will fit snug in your ears and you can also replace the earplug as per your size.
  • A cable management tool is provided inside the box on which you can wrap the earphone to keep it organized and don’t let it tangle.
  • The build quality, especially of the earpiece is very good and the minimal branding also gives it a premium feel.


  • The biggest con about which we have talked about earlier is that these earphones don’t come with the microphone functionality.
  • The quality of the cable could be a lot better, the rubberized cable is very thin and could easily be damaged.
  • The bass output is there but if you want it to be overpowered, then you won’t like this product much.
Should you buy?

If you only care about the sound quality and use your earphones only for that purpose, then these are the ones for you as in the sound output, we will give them a rating of 9.5 out of 10.

The absence of a microphone could be the reason to make this product useless for you if you use your earphones for calls, recordings, etc. The product is priced at very aggressive pricing of ₹579.

5) 1More Piston Fit

This is not a new company, but it may happen that you haven’t heard of them much. Well, 1More is the company that manufactures the earphones for Xiaomi. Recently, they launched their own product range in India with very intrusive pricing. The earpieces are made out of metal housing, however, there are the plastic elements present which will be in direct contact of your skin.

It will give you an edge of extra comfort as the plastic will not get extremely hot or cold as you use them for longer periods in different weather conditions. The sound quality is an objective issue but you will not find the bass to be punchy enough.


  1. The product comes in various colour variants like pink, grey, teal, and silver.
  2. The construction of 3.5 mm jack and the earpieces are done in metal so a premium look automatically comes to it.
  3. The earpiece is an angular one and will naturally fit in your ear canal. 
  4. The earphone also comes with an in-line microphone with a button having multiple functionalities. 
  5. The 3.5 mm jack is not right-angled.
  6. Although it’s made of metal, these earphones are very light-weighted and provide good comfort levels.


  • The instrumental music and even the rock and pop will sound fantastic on these earphones.
  • The separation of highs, mids, and vocals is done brilliantly and the sound stage that these earphones provide is just phenomenal in this price segment.
  • The earpiece will not fall out even if you are running or jogging while listening to music.
  • Earphones come labelled as right & left for giving you the best output and a better surround sound experience.
  • The in-line microphone used is also of very good quality as the other party on any call never complained about any disturbance.
  • The gold-plated jack will provide better connectivity and sound travel.


  • The bass output is not at all punchy even on the high-bass Bollywood tracks and it might be a deal-breaker for you.
  • The build quality could be a bit better and a lot of scope for improvement is present.
  • The rubberized cable is also not of very good quality.
Should you buy?

Like we discussed earlier if your favourite genre of music is slow songs or the instrumental ones, these are the best earphones under 1000 rupees that are available for you. For the bass heads, these earphones will be a huge disappointment.

At the price of ₹849, these are a very good option for music lovers and also to those who use earphones for multiple purposes. If you are into podcasts or even online lectures, this one is suited best for you.

6) Sennheiser CX180 Street 2

This offering from Sennheiser is a very popular choice among music lovers which is best earphones under 1000 Rs in India. The packaging is done very nicely and the box is transparent type so you get an idea of what’s inside the box before getting them. The nerve center that Sennheiser is trying to promote here is the comfort level and is actually successful in doing so. The build is good but the part from where the wire gets separated and to the earpiece, the quality is not at all great.

The cable is very much flimsy and could easily be damaged if not handled extremely well. These earphones are just for the purpose of listening to music or lectures, as there is no microphone present for you to take calls.

best earphones under 1000 rs in india


  1. The color variant which is available for this earphone is black and is in-ear style.
  2. The noise cancellation microphone is not there on this product but they are canal-style earphones, these earphones block out almost 90% of the ambient sound.
  3. The whole cable is made up of rubberized material.
  4. The sound reproduction is done very well on these earphones as there is no complaint in that aspect. A very good quality bass is also present but there is no overpowering done for the same.
  5. These earphones are very much light-weighted.
  6. Two extra sizes of earplugs come packaged inside the box with the medium size one pre-applied.
  7. The 3.5 mm jack is right-angled and gold-plated.


  • The sound output is just phenomenal and will suit to everyone’s liking, even to those who like punchier bass, however, there is no excessive or overpowered bass output is present.
  • The cable is standard long with 1.2 meters and the 3.5 mm jack is compatible with almost all the mobile and audio listening devices available in the market.
  • The light-weight of this product helps in booting them for a longer period of times and there will be no irritation or headache.
  • The branding is also done in a very profound manner which automatically gives it a premium feel.
  • The earplugs are very soft and can easily be replaced whenever needed.


  • The cable of this earphone is not of very good quality and can easily tangle a lot.
  • Also, it’s made very thin, hence, increasing the risk of getting damaged substantially.
  • The absence of a microphone will limit its usage and it could be one of the best earphones under 1000 rupees or even above that if Sennheiser would have included that.

Should you buy?

The case for these earphones is almost the same as that of Audio-Technica ones. As there is no microphone present, you will not be able to use these earphones for anything other than listening to the audio. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of this product. CX180 Street 2 is available in the market for ₹799.

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7) JBL T110 In-Ear Black

This offering by Harman’s JBL offers best earphones under 1000, an in-line microphone and the quality of the same is top-notch. The packaging provided by JBL is also very premium and there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to placing the product securely. These earphones are centered and focused more toward those who like punchier bass and that would be discussed in the latter part of the review.

In the box, you will get a lot of literature including an information brochure, warranty guide, and product details. The product is placed very nicely and snugly in the box. The shape of the jack is at 45-degree and comes with gold plating which provides better connectivity and sound output.

The build quality is also very good and provides a security that will last longer even with a little bit rough handling. The rubberized cable is also not the regular one but it comes with a sort of tangle-free flat style cable. The JBL’s signature orange color is used with good details and provides the earphones a premium and attractive design.

top 10 best earphones under 1000 rs


  1. The earphone is available in 4 color variants, i.e., white, blue, black, and red.
  2. The in-ear style earpiece provides a better grip to hold onto your ear and not fall off even on a little bit running or moving.
  3. The bass is punchier on this JBL T110.
  4. The flat style cable actually prevents it from getting tangled every now and then. 
  5. The earplugs are colored orange from the inside which gives it more of an attractive design statement.
  6. The in-line microphone also provides multiple functionalities like placing, taking or ending calls along with triggering the virtual assistant.
  7. Subtle branding can be seen on these pair of earphones.


  • The build quality of these canal-style earphones is above average and the whole housing and everywhere, good quality plastic is used and finished in a glossy look.
  • The gold-plated 3.5 mm jack provides a huge edge over good connectivity and can extract the full potential of the drivers.
  • The sound output is also very much balanced, and the bass actually proves to be in accordance with its tagline Pure Bass.
  • Though these are centred towards the bass, the mids, and highs are very clear to our surprise along with the vocals being so clear and nice.
  • The sound isolation of these earphones is also done very good and is up to the mark of JBL.


  • Though JBL is promoting as Pure Base, it is not very much punchier to match the requirements of a bass head.
  • JBL should have provided a carrying pouch.
  • The plastic quality could also be improved.
Should you buy?

In this price segment, this is a very good package you can get for yourself. These earphones offer you a good bass along with very clear highs, mids, and vocals. If your budget is around ₹1000, you can get these for yourself. The pricing keeps flickering a bit but always remains in the category of the best earphones under 1000 mark.

8) Mivi Rock & Roll WERR300

These are the latest addition in the market of budget-oriented earphones. The offering is from a primarily Bluetooth earphone maker Mivi, which recently provided this in-ear style wired earbuds. The performance of these earphones is comparably better than those of Sony MDR-EX155AP and JBL C200.

The packaging in which this product comes is top-notch and the product is securely placed in it. The build quality is also much sturdy than that of some immediate competitors. The attention to detail which Mivi has put into this product and very much discernible. 


  1. The fit and finish of this product are way above its price point.
  2. The cable is totally braided and it gives an edge in its long durability.
  3. Mivi Rock & Roll comes in 2 color variants, i.e., red and black.
  4. Its ergonomic design also helps in better grip and doesn’t easily fall off from your ears on even little movements.
  5. The housings of the earpiece and the jack itself are done in metal which provides a sense of security for its sturdiness.
  6. Mivi also claims to provide a stereo sound output for a better gaming and movie experience.


  • Good bass output is there which can satisfy the requirements of some base heads.
  • The vocals are a little bit on the downside but that’s not even near any deal-breaker.
  • One of the most value for money products in the list of best earphones under 1000 rupees.
  • The metal build is the biggest factor in its durability and premium designs.
  • The gold-plated right-angled 3.5 mm jack provides better connectivity and also helps in better performance.


  • The process of claiming the warranty is a bit tedious and Mivi should consider it to change.
  • While gaming, stereo performance is just bad and needs a whole lot of improvement and the volume also drops down marginally.
Should you buy?

Among all the other available options, these are the best ones that provide the almost full package for every average user. If you are into playing games and recording the game plays through your mobile, then maybe these ones aren’t the best bet for you. While using, we found that the stereo quality deteriorates to a very much extent while playing games. At the price of ₹699, you can get them for sure.

9) Boat Bassheads 225

This earphone almost remains all the time in Amazon’s Choice list of the best earphones under 1000 rupees. As the name suggests, Boat’s attempt to create an earphone totally for the audience of bass lovers is pretty much successful.

Indians have another level of love towards overpowered bass. We are going to find out if these are better than the recently launched Realme Earbuds in this analytical review. The earphone comes with a 1.2-meter flat cable which keeps it from tangling all the time.

The metal housing for the drivers comes as a huge surprise due to its low pricing. There is also an in-line microphone with a single button to take or end calls along with other functions are available.


  1. Boat Bassheads 225 comes in an array of different vibrant color options such as black, blue, forest green, white, neon lime, and red. 
  2. A carrying case comes along with the product which is a very good addition.
  3. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is L shaped and fits snug when you connect it to a mobile device.
  4. The drivers which Boat used in this pair of earphone are of 10mm and the frequency range is standard from 20 Hz to 20KHz.
  5. These drivers don’t need much power to work, hence, it will also not affect your device’s battery life.
  6. There is no noise cancellation feature, but as these are canal-style earphones, it blocks almost all of the ambient noise.


  • The bass is actually overpowered and will definitely satisfy all the bass heads.
  • The drivers can turn up the volume to very high levels and the people who like to listen to their favorite music on high volumes.
  • If you are into EDMs and Hip-Hop genres, these earphones will suit best to you.
  • The earplugs are supplied in all the sizes and are actually helpful in a better grip overall.
  • The microphone quality is good and can be used for calling purposes without any complaints.


  • The first con is due to the overpowering of the bass, it tends to depress the mids and lows. You will have to crank up the volume which will cause fatigue while using them for a longer period of time.
  • The microphone is very much sensitive and causes disturbances every time it gets brushed with the shirt.

Should you buy?

If you are a bass lover, then these earphones are the best possible option for you. The thing about these earphones is they can get really loud, thanks to those 10 mm drivers. If you are for nothing but bass, then this is the only option for you among the best earphones under 1000 rupee mark. At attractive pricing of ₹699, Bassheads will fulfill all the needs of bass heads.

10) Soundmagic ES18S

These are a bit old pair of earphones but are still a very good option in the budget segment. The switch is present on the jack of the earphone to switch it from iOS to Android. The quality of these earphones is very good and sports an attractive premium design. Soundmagic has paid extra attention to maintaining the details intact and not let it look like some cheap product.

Even at this price point, Soundmagic is providing a good quality pouch along with the earphones. The sturdiness of this earphone is also good and in our review, we found out that even a bit of rough handling will not affect them as such.


  1. The product comes in a variant of colours, i.e., black, green, silver, orange, and red.
  2. The in-line microphone is also available on this earphone which improves the functionality.
  3. The quality of plastic and rubberized parts that are used in its construction is also much better.
  4. The 2 pairs of extra earplugs are provided within the box for better grip and so can easily fit in your ears.
  5. The cable is flat type and prevents the earphones from tangling.


  • The biggest pro of this product is its build quality.
  • There are rubberized parts added on each joint so even if accidentally stretches out, the cable won’t break that easily.
  • The sound quality of these earphones is also very good with punchy but now overpowering bass.
  • The highs, mids, and vocals are strictly average and you will not have to crank the volume all the way up for a better experience.


  • The overall quality of the sound output could have been a lot better.
  • The after-sales service of Soundmagic is pathetic and involves a very tedious process.
Should you buy?

This is not that earphone like other ones which could easily be given top rankings, but if you happen to have an older generation phone, where the port used to be different, then the switch option available on these earphones could be very much helpful to you. Sound magic ES18S comes at an attractive pricing of ₹599.

A Short and Simple Guide to look at before buying one

When you are trying to shop online for the earphones, on the first look there is pretty much nothing other than physical looks. To enhance your knowledge and giving you a proper insight into what are factors you must look into, here we are providing a guide that you can get help from.


When you are planning to get a pair for yourself, the type of earphone is a very big factor you must consider. There are 2 types of earphone which are available in the market, a) this one is earbud, which stays on the top of your ear canal, and b) canal-type, and this goes inside your ear canal and provides better noise cancellation.


This is the part of the machinery that actually produces the sound. However, it’s not written in any rulebook but the size of the drive is directly proportional to the quality of sound output.


Some people like to listen to music on higher volumes and for that, for that, you must not get any earphone which has the sensitivity level below the 85dB/mW mark. This above list of best earphones under 1000 rupees has all the earphones listed that fall above this mark.


Also, you must check which type of cord the manufacturer is providing. If it seems extra thin to you and you think the quality is not up to the mark, you must consider some other option.

Our Recommendation

If you will ask for our recommendation, then our choice will be the Mivi Rock & Roll and Boat Baseheads 225. For an average user, Mivi one is considered to be the best value for money that provides all the important requirements a good earphone should have. 

For the bass lovers, Boat Baseheads 225 is the best option because it’s one of the very few good quality earphones that provide you a thump bass along with good clarity in vocals.

These two earphones are considered to be the best earphones under 1000 rupees mark.



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