Best Earphones with Mic Under 1000: A Premium Guide

If You are Searching for Best Earphones with Mic Under 1000, then your search here is over. Music is deemed to be the best companion for everyone, no matter where you belong. Your choices might be different, the time may vary, the type might be common or unique, but music sways you into life or out of it, brilliantly.

If you are not a big fan of music as I am, you might be belonging to a work profile where you need to be connected via phone calls or video calls with earphones connected. They are really indispensable in the present time.

The Earphones as They are Now

Almost everywhere you would be finding people with their earphones dangling out of the ears, shoulders, and pockets as accessories. They are really dominating the trend of now. I mean, who uses a speaker now, that frequently? Besides, people even want to get rid of the dangling wires of the earphones. 

Thus, earphones are being even more convenient with their modified version that comes with the Bluetooth connection. Besides, with the discovery of earphones, you can be more connected than ever and that has been realised since quite a few decades by the businesses and the commercial sectors that are making the fullest use of them. Nevertheless, earphones with mic are really crucial for being multipurpose.

If you want to scroll through the best earphones with mic under 1000, your options are here:

Best Earphones with Mic Under 1000: Here’s your List!

If you are wondering which earphones you can buy that are fitted with mic, then this list will have all of the best features. So, jump right into them:

1. Infinity (JBL) Zip 20 in-Ear Deep Bass Headphones with Mic (Mystic Blue)

Infinity by Harman enriches your hearing experience and also brings mic into the wholesome experience that you want. Go through the product details and more to know further about this product:
Best Earphones with mic under 1000

Product Details:

  • The brand that you will get is Infinity by Harman.
  • The model number is Zip 20.
  • The model name here is Zip.
  • Item weight – 9.07 g
  • Dimensions – 13.5 x 3 x 6 cm
  • In the box – 1 x Zip 20 Headphone, 1 X QSG, 3 Pair Ear Sleeves
  • Batteries Included – No
  • Batteries Required – No.
  • Call 18001020525 for warranty related discussions


  • This product will make you experience a deep bass.
  • The design of this pair is extremely comfortable.
  • You can enjoy a hands-free calling facility which comes along with a one-buttoned remote.
  • You will get a 1.2m Durable Cable which shall also be of a tangle-free type.
  • You can have all the more out of it with the integrated voice assistant facility.
  • The connecting jack of this headphones is L-Shaped and 3.5mm in length.
  • You will have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The design of this product has been deemed as not very comfortable according to many of the user reviews, so try it first before you buy it.
  • This pair of earphones as noted by some, are not very good for progressive and electronic music genres.
  • Many all pointed out that this product is not for wearing for long hours.

2. Mi Earphone Basic with Ultra Deep Bass and Mic (Black)

Brought by Mi, this pair brings you the efficient pair with a bass to swing to! If you want to check out the product details and the pros and cons of this product, check below:
best earphones with mic uncer 1000 rs

Product Details: 

  • The brand of this product is Mi
  • Model – YDJC01JY
  • The name of the model is Mi Earphones Basic
  • Item Weight – 13.6 g
  • Dimensions of the package – 20.2 x 8.7 x 3.7 cm
  • It has got a 3.5mm jack. Moreover, the Speaker impedance is 32Ω; Frequency Response Range is 20-20,000Hz.
  • It has a Rated power: 5mW
  • Devices that are compatible with them are Xiaomi phones, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Additional Features – Ultra deep bass in-ear with high-quality silicone earbuds, Super Extra Bass, Powerful 10mm Drivers, HD Clear Sound, In-Line Microphone, Play/Pause your music, Change your tracks and Ans/end your calls, Passive Noise Isolation
  • In the box – Earphones and Earbud Tips
  • The Microphone Form Factor is that of a Built-in type.
  • Headphones Form Factor is like that of the in-ear ones. 
  • Batteries Included – No.
  • Batteries Required – No.


  • This product is built-in with a Tangle-free cable.
  • Here you will get an Ultra deep bass.
  • This pair of headphones is equipped with a mic and a play/pause button on the remote.
  • With this pair comes High-quality silicone earbuds.
  • The Cable length is 1.25 m, which is really convenient.
  • Along with its super extra bass, they also come with powerful 10mm drivers giving you an HD clear sound. Along with it, the in-line microphone makes you play/pause your music at your convenience, change your tracks and answer/end your calls at ease.
  • The Aluminum alloy sound chamber enhances your hearing experience and extends the durability.
  • You can contact the Hotline Service: 1800 103 6286. The Hotline Service is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m local time.


  • Some of them have reported that one earbud of the product has stopped giving the output sooner than they thought.
  • The warranty of this product came to no avail for many. So, be careful.

3. boAt BassHeads 100 Hawk Inspired Earphones with Mic (Furious Red)

The all-new Bassheads 100 from the house of Boat, are among the best headphones available in the market now. With these, you can be assured of a premium performance along with comfort never experienced before. Dip further down for more details:

Product Details:

  • The brand is Boat.
  • Model Name and Number – BassHeads 100
  • The weight of the product is 36.3 g
  • Dimensions of the product – 120 x 0.1 x 0.2 cm
  • The devices compatible with this product are all of the devices with a 3.5mm port.
  • Components in the box – Earphone and 3 Pair of Earbuds
  • The microphone form factor is of a built-in type.
  • The headphones form factor is that of in-ear type.
  • Batteries Included – No
  • Batteries Required – No
  • The connector type is that of a wired type.


  • The boAt BassHeads 100 “Hawk” inspired earphones would not pass you the trend but make you the leader of one. The BassHeads 100 from Boat are superior coated wired earphones are a definite fashion statement
  • This product blends style with efficient performance. The powerful 10mm dynamic driver which comes with a speaker resistance of 16 Ohm, makes the earphones exhibit a punchy, rhythmic response to all of your tracks.
  • These will come with an HD microphone to make unhindered and flawless call flow, making life easier on the go
  • With the cable length of 1.2 meters, you can connect them anywhere with much difficulty. These earphones are user-friendly and stylish to the point of extremity. Besides, the premium coating on the wire cable is an innovative process of coming u with the wires to render them tangle-free and easy.
  • The fit of these earphones is truly impeccable! No matter when you wear them and how long you remain with them plugged in, the earbuds would improve the expectations out of headphones.
  • You will get these headphones in Jet Black and Frosty white colours.
  • You can Play/pause music or answer/end calls with just one tap. If you want to track forward, you can do it with two-clicks and tapping the button 3 times would rewind the track backward. These combine to make the earphones more than friendly with their users.
  • Lastly, the perfect arc, with different size ear tips gives its users comfort all the way.


  • A Few have stated that the earphones stopped working due to a manufacturing defect or two.

4. Blaupunkt EM10 Wired Earphone with Super High Bass in-Line Mic &Multi-Functional Remote (Black)

This product comes from the iconic German brand Blaupunkt which is notable for its progressive audio devices and its innovative technology spurring them forth. Blaupunkt is dominating the audio market since 1924. To get deep into the product details and more, scroll down.

earphones with mic under 1000 in india

Product Details :

  • The brand of the product here is Blaupunkt.
  • The model name of the product is EM and the model number is EM10.
  • The weight of the item is about 9.07 g
  • Dimensions of the product – 24 x 8.2 x 4.3 cm
  • The features that you can enjoy additionally are that of a balanced output, mic in-line with a multipurpose remote.
  • Components you will get in the box – 1 x EM10 Earphone, 1 x Users Manual, 3 x Ear Gels of Different Size
  • Total number of items = 5
  • The microphone from the factors of this product is that of an in-line type.
  • The headphones from the factor in this product are like that of the in-ear ones.
  • The material that you will get is ABS.
  • Batteries Included – No.
  • Batteries Needed – No.
  • The connector type of this product is wired.


  • The Quality of sound that you can experience through a Blaupunkt EM10 is of premium quality.
  • This device is lined with an In-Line Mic. This further makes the headphones perfect for hands-free use.
  • You will get an In-Line Remote along with this product. This will ensure your convenience right at your fingertips. It has a fully functional remote to answer, end, reject the call and switch songs without you taking your phone out every second.
  • An L Shape Connector Jack is planned in it, which gets you extended durability and shields your device from less wear and tear while you are using your pair for longer periods.
  • Guarantees your fit to be secured: The 45 degree angled ear-pieces keep the earphones fixed in their place regardless of the activities you are performing. Thus, no matter if you are out running, jogging or exercising. Your ears would continue to hear the call or the music that you are playing all the time.
  • Noise cancellation: These earphones with their ingenious sound-isolating feature strives to block out 90 percent ambient noises
  • This product is compatible with an array of products/devices. This is because it works indifferent of the Operating System or the kind of the device you are using, all they need is a port for the 3.5mm Jack
  • The warranty for the product is of 12 months. Furthermore, if you want to connect to the customer care of Blaupunkt, it is 18008434333.


  • A few of the users reported against the noise cancellation and stated that the feature of blocking the ambient noises are not quite up to the mark.
  • Some are of the opinion that the bass that it has got is quite unnecessary and makes the natural sound muddier.
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5. Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Dark Blue)

Coming from the house of Sony, the all-time leader of technology, whether it is audio, video, and is also famous for its parts/auxiliaries like display, lens, and chipsets, these headphones are peerless. To dig deep into the product and its specifications, follow this post: 
Product Details :

  • The brand is Sony here.
  • The model number for this product is MDR-EX150AP.
  • The dimensions of this product are 4 x 6 x 18 cm
  • Devices that are compatible with these earphones – All Sony devices.
  • These earphones are equipped with a tangle-free feature when it comes to the cord.
  • Some of the additional features include an in-built microphone, with convenient volume control options.
  • Items in the box – Headphones 1U, Operating instructions 1U, Additional Silicon Earbuds 3U, Reference guide 1U, Wire Manager 1U.
  • There is an in-built microphone form factor here.
  • The headphone’s phone factor is with a microphone, easy-to-use volume control and a tangle-free cable.
  • The connector type of these earphones is that of a wired earphone.
  • Batteries included – No.
  • No batteries are required with this product.


  • You will get the all-new feature of the In-line Mic fitted in with this product to enable hands-free calling.
  • You can have 9 mm neodymium drivers which will encourage a powerful, balanced sound.
  • This pair of headphones is extremely lightweight. Here, you won’t be feeling any weight and thus, you will fret no more.
  • They are pretty trendy in design and comfortable to use. Additionally, you will be getting secure-fitting silicone earbuds that will help you to put it on for long.
  • You can match these earphones with the vivid colours in which you would find them.
  • The finishing of the product is a shining metallic finish.
  • The range of frequency is between 5 Hz–24,000 H.
  • You will be getting a year of warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Some of the users have reported that the noise cancellation that this product boasts so highly about is not too perfect.

6. boAt BassHeads 162 with HD Sound, in-line mic, Dual Tone Secure Braided Cable & 3.5mm Angled Jack Wired Earphones (Black)

Bassheads 162 from Boat, is an absolute delight in the range of Rs. 1000. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to, these pair of headphones would bring you the absolute delight.  

Product Details :

  • The brand of the product is Boat.
  • The name of the model is Bassheads and the model number is Bassheads 162.
  • The weight of the item is about 18.1 g.
  • If you want the dimensions of the product, then they are 120 x 0.1 x 0.2 cm
  • Among the compatible devices, all the devices with a 3.5 mm port are fine with this pair.
  • Here you can expect an in-line mic with it.
  • The microphone form factor is that of a built-in type.
  • The headphones are built to be in-ear in nature.
  • No Batteries are included with this product.
  • No batteries are needed in this product.
  • You can connect them by wires.


  • Added with the extra bass for the extra-edge – With the added extra bass that these earphones bring you, it is almost like you are on the stage pumping out some real dance moves. Your cardio exercises in the gym would be all the more enthusiastic with these plugged in.
  • Equipped with a 3.5 mm angled jack -These earphones are fitted with a 3.5 mm angled jack for absolute convenience. Furthermore, the angled jack also keeps the earphones secure and out of harm externally.
  • Enjoy a Hands-free communication with the microphone built-in with the product – Enjoy a hassle-free communication with the inbuilt mic. With the high sensitivity and versatile frequency range, you would be experiencing the ultimate sound.
  • This product showcases the new and improved Braided tangle-free cable. These cleverly endure the wear and tear of the rough days. The cable is also distinguished to provide you with a soft appeal. Thus, you will obviously save a lot of time with these cables jutting out of this product.


  • Some of the users are of the view that the treble of this product is a big let down. However, if you are a fan of bass, you will be amazed at the quality and intensity that comes through them.

7. JBL C200SI in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Mystic Blue)

Justifying the tagline Dynamic, Immersive, Vivid, JBL C200SI in-ear Headphones with Mic is one of the most powerful contenders if you are looking for the best earphones with mic under 1000. If you are excited to check out the specs of the product and more details, then jump into them now:
Product Details :

  • The brand of this product is JBL.
  • The Model Name and number is C200Si
  • It was launched in the year 2018.
  • The weight of this product is around 18.1 g.
  • If you are curious about the Product Dimensions, then it is 6 x 3 x 17.5 cm
  • You can plug these headphones in the Audio Players, Laptops, Mobiles and Tablet devices, which come out as pretty compatible.
  • With these, you will also get a mic built-in.
  • In the box: 1 pair of JBL C200SI Headphones, Ear Tips (S,M,L) & Warranty Card
  • If you are curious about the Microphone Form Factor, it is with a microphone.
  • The headphones form factor of this product is that of an in-ear type.
  • No Batteries are included with this pack.
  • You won’t need any batteries either along with these earphones.
  • The connector type of this product is wired in form.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Contact us on: [ 18001020525 ] for warranty


  • You will experience the JBL Signature Sound here with these earphones. If you are already aware that you would embrace that and if you are not, you would simply fall in love with it.
  • This pair of earphones exude a True Powerful Bass
  • With this product, you can enjoy a One-Button Universal Remote with a built-in Mic, for a flawless performance.
  • Accessing the Google Assistant / Siri has been easier than ever! This product is enabled with a Quick Launch to interact with your voice assistant in an efficient way.
  • The Microphone that you will get with this product has the unique noise cancellation feature, ever so effective.
  • This product assures you of complete Ergonomic support with its cunning built. Additionally, you would be swoon with the premium finish that it showcases.
  • Besides, these earphones are extremely light in weight to promise you all the mobility you want. Moreover, it also comes with 3 earpieces of different sizes to promote a proper fit in your ears.


  • According to some of the users, you might see that the left earbud stopped playing after a few months of usage.

8. Motorola Pace 100 in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)

Motorola has been a leader of technological devices and especially in the domain of smartphones for quite some time. Now, it has come and launched itself in the market with all-new and exciting features. You can know all about the product features and technical specifications down below:
Product Details :

  • This product comes from the popular brand Motorola.
  • The model’s name is Pace 100.
  • The weight of the item is around 13.6 g.
  • If you wonder about the dimensions, then it is 7 x 2 x 18.5 cm.
  • As an additional feature, you will also have an in-built mic along with these earphones.
  • In the box, you will find an Earphone set, a User manual and different sized Ear caps for different ears.
  • The headphones form factor is that of an in-ear type.
  • The average battery life that you will get here is 0.01 hours.
  • There are no batteries Included with these earphones.
  • Furthermore, you will require no batteries to get it working.
  • The connector type if you want to know is like that of the wired earphones.
  • There is no self-timer with these earphones.


  • This pair of earphones will offer you In-ear headphones with Mic.
  • If you want a Rich base along with a clear all-around sound, then this is the thing that you had been looking for.
  • A 10mm speaker driver along with a 1.2m cable enhances the comfortability for all.
  • The Connector type is that of a 3.5 mm which makes it compatible with almost every product.
  • If you seek easy access to Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, then you can rest assured with this product.
  • The build quality of these earphones is pretty stout. Even if you are finicky about the finishing of the product, then you can relax when you get the product, the finishing of which is of premium quality.


  • Going by the reviews of some users, the experience with these earphones are pretty muddy, with chap bass and a substandard output in general. So, be careful and investigate your product deeply and from all angles.
  • A few of the users also stated that the mic is damaged right from the beginning. Also, with this product plugged in on their mobile devices, they have noted that the calls are getting rejected automatically.

9. boAt Bass Heads 225 in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Frosty White)

One of the most prominent audio devices manufacturers of now, Boat brings to you an improved audio experience with the PTron Boom 2 Headphone 4D Deep Bass Stereo Earphone Dual Driver Sport Wired Headset with Mic for All Smartphones (Black/Gold).

This pair of earphones can get you to believe inconvenience and get you a seamless hearing experience in no time. With its balanced musical settings, innovative design, and durability, this product is the thing if you are seeking for the best earphones with mic under 1000. Interested to know everything in detail? Keep the following:
Product Details :

  • The brand which brings to you these earphones is Boat.
  • The model of these earphones is Bass Heads 225.
  • This product weighs around 141 g
  • The Dimensions of this pair of earphones are 11.6 x 7.2 x 2.6 cm.
  • You will find these earphones compatible with all of the devices that have a provision of a 3.5 mm jack.
  • Some of the additional features are super extra bass along with powerful 10 mm Drivers.
  • This will aid your experience even more with an in-line microphone for your convenience.
  • Components that you will find inside the box include a pair of earphones and a set of extra earbuds.
  • The Microphone form factor is with the microphone.
  • Headphones Form Factor is like that of the ones with tangle-free cables and equipped with a microphone.
  • No batteries are included with this pack.
  • You will require no batteries as well with this product.
  • The connector type that you will get is similar to the ones with a wired connection facility.


  • Designed with the technology of the age, these headphones are easy peasy, when it comes to adjustment and promotes an absolute wearing comfort. You can boast of the powerful 10mm drivers and achieve a premium sonic clarity. Furthermore, bass-driven stereo sound, coupled with a brilliant attenuation of ambient noise makes this pair a perfect choice.
  • With the built-in microphone, you can rest assured with an unparalleled noise-cancellation. This feature will make sure that you remain out of hassles when receiving calls and enjoy a seamless musical experience with your earphones put on.
  • The power of these headphones is 2mW.
  • These earbuds are designed ingeniously to fit in your ears and with your lifestyle. Additionally, they are noted to provide a smooth grip, keeping it extra secure for your ears.
  • You would not be disturbed at your work with the improved Passive noise cancellation feature enables users to enjoy listening to music even amidst utter chaos and extremely noisy conditions. The same feature even aids the user’s performance on-the-go, so that, they can continue with their walk and talk simultaneously.
  • Crafted with care, the polished metal promises longevity. Besides, the tangle-free cable, which is also craftily flattened and light in weight, assures uncompromising mobility and convenience.
  • You will get 1 Year of warranty with this product.
  • If you want to know any product-related information or for any queries that you might develop, you can reach 022 49461882.


  • If you love light headphones and you have developed an affinity towards them, then it would be a bold move to buy these. This is because this pair of headphones is a bit heavy, with the earpods built out of metal. However, you definitely won’t regret going for these.

10. PTron Boom 2 Headphone 4D Deep Bass Stereo Earphone Dual Driver Sport Wired Headset with Mic for All Smartphones (Black/Gold)

From the house of PTron, here we bring you decent headphones without crossing your budget. For more information regarding this product, keep checking below:

Product Details

  • The brand is PTron, which is manufactured by Palred Technology Shenzen Co Ltd. This is a company based out of China.
  • The model name and number of this product is Boom 2.
  • The dimensions of the product are 12 x 1.5 x 7.5 cm.
  • You will get extra sets of earbuds within the box along with your headphones.
  • The Microphone Form Factor is that of the boom type.
  • You will get in-ear headphones if you are interested to know Headphones Form Factor.
  • The connection type of this product is similar to the wired headphones.


  • Enjoy an all-around comfort with this product. PTron Boom 2 4D in-ear wired headset with its earbuds tilted 45 degrees, ensure an absolute comfort whenever you wear them. Moreover, they remain quite securely fit in your ears and don’t fall off easily. This will enhance your mobility while you are plugged in with these earphones. Thus, no matter whether you are at your gym, sleeping, sitting or running to catch your bus, you can hear the music playing all the time in your ears.
  • Durability – The built of the earphones is quite sturdy, which is coupled with high tensile strength.
  • Besides, the tangle-free twisted cable, with an additional fixture of an in-line mic and volume control, gives you an edge when it comes to the best earphones with mic under 1000.
  • PTron Boom earphones boast of having a dual drive facility where each earpiece contains two separate speakers. This feature strives to clearly separate the mids and highs from the bass and thus, making the sound all the more prominent to distinguish the elements.
  • An unparalleled sound – The gold plated Dual Dynamic Drivers helps you experience a superb audio experience which is clearly a surround sound that you will get. These headphones also guarantee a crisp mid-range, with no distortion when it comes to the bass. Also, the crystal clear treble that you will own, shall be a unique and amazing music experience.
  • Anti-noise – These earphones from PTron brags about the innovative 120°oblique in-ear wearing. Additionally, it has also got high-flexibility medical-grade soft silicone earbuds, which are proven to enclose the ear canals effectively, without sacrificing the overall comfort. This feature also scores well for its strong sound insulation effect.
  • These earphones come with a 12 months warranty from the date of purchase for the end customer. In case you have any queries and questions about the product or you want to discuss and the warranty and the details regarding it, then reach 040 – 67138888 straight away for all the relevant information.


  • Some users are of the opinion that these earphones are not quite of the top-notch quality. So, examine the quality in the first place and then go for them. If any problems arise, you can ask for the warranty provided you are within the period of warranty.

This is a comprehensive list that we bring you to fall in love with all of the best earphones with mic under 1000.

Some Information for the Buyers: A Lucid Guide

As earphones are indispensable in our lives, whether it is for listening to music or to communicate with our friends and relatives, it is almost time that you get your earphones. Now, when you hit the stores for the best earphones with mic under 1000, you also need to consider your needs, the quality, and some other technicalities. Moreover, the cost of the earphones is also a crucial factor that you should carefully consider.

Earphones these days, are becoming all the more convenient. With more and more brands coming up with the premium quality of products and most importantly, with a price that won’t be breaking your bank, getting the earphones of your choice has been easier than it was ever before.

When it comes to buying the best earphones with mic under 1000. These are some factors that prove to be extremely crucial for making the product a good buy.

  • Choice of music – The music you hear matters the most when it comes to buying a pair of headphones. Every pair of headphones proves to be great with some particular genres and not so good or average when it comes to the other genres. For instance: Earphones with a loud bass are almost always great with rap and electronic music but when it comes to jazz or smooth jazz, they tend to falter.
  • The quality of material used – The material of the ear pods is really important. If the material used is metal, you can be assured of unparalleled durability. However, when it comes to plastic, it makes the headphones vulnerable to moderate external damages.
  • The design – It is the design when get you trending in a flicker of time. Besides, it plays a significant part in promising the durability of your earphones as well. For instance, the modern earphones with their L-shaped cables are proven to last longer than the earlier ones. Besides, the flattened cables are designed to not test your patience untangling them. Thus, getting you a worry-free experience.

Our Suggestions to Conclude

Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Dark Blue) is our first choice. If you prefer to pick the best earphones with mic under 1000, then these earphones from Sony are unparalleled in all aspects.

However, if you think that you are spending a bit more and you could get similar products at a lesser price, boAt Bass Heads 225 in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Frosty White) is your go-to option. According to my opinion based on my personal experience, these earphones are the best among the lot. With genuinely flattened, tangle-free cables, balanced sound, and metal earphones, you won’t be missing out on anything here. Additionally, they are an absolute steal when it comes to price.

If you are an audiophile and in the mood of a little experiment, you get to opt for the premium Blaupunkt EM10 Wired Earphone with Super High Bass in-Line Mic &Multi-Functional Remote (Black). This product has been super-trendy for some months now with the least negative reviews.

For the fans of JBL, we have also kept JBL C200SI in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Mystic Blue) in the list of the best earphones with mic under 1000. This pair of earphones is found to be providing a wholesome listening experience no matter what you listen to.

Therefore, go for any of them and be a proud owner of the best earphones with mic under 1000. Hope, you’ve liked this article. You can follow our website for more such posts as this guide.


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