Best Trimmer Under 1500 Rs. to Choose From!

The trend of shaving the beard by a razor is getting outdated day by day. We try to press harder to get a more clean look but ignore the fact that this is damaging our skin to a huge extent. By the time, your skin becomes rough and much harder. Also, you must change the blades on every use to not infect your skin and start facing other skin problems. Skin is a very sensitive organ and we shouldn’t be careless toward it. Trimmers are getting more and more common by each passing day. If you love to keep yourself groomed and love your beard to always be in good shape, there is no other tool that has the power to meet your requirements. We are trying to sum this article up with a list, titled Best Trimmer Under 1500.

No one has the time to get to the salon to get their beard trimmed regularly. It’s very important that you must get a good trimmer for yourself that will allow you to stay stress-free and trim your hair or beard whenever you get time or feel like not getting out relaxing on a weekend. A trimmer can also be the best tool to keep with you while traveling. 

If you love to keep a good stubble and abhor the clean-shave look, finding this article will be like one of the best things that happened to you today.

An Array Of Options, 10 Best Ones Under ₹1,500

After going through this article, we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed and will find a trimmer for yourself today. Your search is going to end here. Let’s dive right in.

1. Philips QT4001/15 Cordless

Philips QT4001/15 Cordless bags the first position on our list of Best Trimmer Under 1500. This trimmer from Philips comes well packaged in a box with all the details mentioned on the box. This is one of the trimmers that you can get if you want quality. The best part about this trimmer which sets it apart from the competitors, even Philips’s other offering is the charging time. Comes with 20 settings, this trimmer is equipped with self-sharpening blades and that generally translates to zero-maintenance.

You should not worry about the quality when it comes to such a known brand Philips. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons, for a better perspective.
Philips QT4001/15 Cordless blue-black Trimmer front look.


  • The trimmer provides you a 90-minute use one just one hour of charge. Unlike other trimmers, you will not have to put it on charge overnight.
  • You can easily remove the blades and wash them thoroughly underwater with no worry of getting it damaged. The blades pop out and set in with a very satisfying click.
  • The trimmer comes with a warranty of 2 years and all the details can be found on the instruction manual present inside the box.
  • The box contains a pouch that is actually of good quality and the plastic quality of the charger and cord is also decent along with a brush that will clean the inner side of the blade and trimmer, making it the best trimmer under 1500-rupees.
  • You will feel the quality as soon as you take it in your hand. It will give you a sturdy feel and will not let you think that plastic is cheap in any way.
  • The titanium blades come with the gold-plating and the self-sharpening feature.
  • The 20 settings vary from 0.5 to 10 and a good quality comb comes pre-attached to the trimmer.
  • The power on/off button is placed below the settings rotator and the button has a good texture which enables you to easily turn on/off.


  • It would be so much better if Philips had provided a rubber grip on the trimmer. You will not feel any slip even on the plastic one, but it would be a nice addition.
  • The charging indicator LED, placed inside the power on/off button, doesn’t turn to any different colour or even turn off to indicate that the charging is full.
  • You will be able to use it when it’s on charging but the charging speed will be much slower.
Should you buy?

If your budget is around ₹1,200 then this trimmer could be the best option for you. You can go for it blindly as it’s thoroughly tested by thousands of users. You must note that this is a trimmer, not a shaver and you should only buy it if you will keep clean stubble.

2. Mi Beard Trimmer

The packaging of this trimmer by a huge smartphone maker Xiaomi is done very well. The trimmer is properly secured inside the box along with all the accessories. The most important characteristic of this trimmer is it comes with an IPX7 rating that makes it a water-resistant product. All the important details such as run-time, blade settings, etc. are properly mentioned in the box. The MRP that is written on the box is not the actual price of the product. You can get it for way less through Amazon under the category of best trimmer under 1500 rupees.
Mi Beard Trimmer front look


  • The run-time of this trimmer is whopping 90 minutes on a single charge, which will take approximately 2 hours.
  • The water-resistant feature of this trimmer gives it an edge over the competitors, however, you won’t be able to use the trimmer in the shower.
  • The trimmer comes with 40 comb settings varying from 0.5 to 20. The combs that come within the package are also of very good quality plastic and of 2 different sizes.
  • A feature that also helps to stand this trimmer out is the travel lock feature. What it does is it locks the trimmer for the accidental triggers. To activate and deactivate the feature, you have to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  • There are 3 LEDs present on the trimmer which will help you by indicating the battery level on the trimmer so you always have an idea of how much battery left and not start using it.
  • The trimmer weighs only 270 gms and it makes it a very comfortable carry.
  • A good quality pouch also comes in the box and will allow easy portability.


  • There are not many cons that come with this product, but Mi could improve the overall design which seems like a little boxy and not very comfortable to hold.
  • If Mi had provided a charging adapter as well, it would have been much better and the package would have felt complete.

Should you buy?

If you are not very particular about the brand name and the market present, this offering from Mi could be a very good option for you. It will not disappoint you, no matter you are a regular user or trim very often. At a price point of ₹1,199, you can get it for yourself. The only thing which you may not like is the boxy design. It’s the best trimmer under 1500-rupees and hence comes on the second spot on our list of Best Trimmer Under 1500 Rs.

3. Nova NHT 1091

This offering from Nova is perfect for those who are searching for the options under the budget of ₹800 and bags the third position on our list of Best Trimmer Under 1500 Rs. The trimmer comes in an ergonomic design, this Nova trimmer provides a precision cutting of 0.5 and goes all the way up to 10. It means that Nova is offering you 20 settings of the length. Nova is known for its budget trimmers and the performance of these trimmers is also very good considering the price point. An interesting thing that Nova did here is the box of this product is made of plain white cardboard with the stickers of model number and MRP.. however, a side note is there telling you that the box is made of recycled material and that’s the reason box is simple and boring.
Nova NHT 1091 Trimmer side look.


  • As there are no details mentioned on the box, there is a detailed user manual present inside the box where all the details are mentioned.
  • The design of this product is very elegant and differentiates it a lot from other Nova products. The silver line on this trimmer goes from the blade and surrounds the power button gives it a very modern and trendy look.
  • A cleaning oil is provided in the box so that you can clean the blades easily.
  • A total of 20 length settings is provided on this trimmer with a minimum precision of 0.5 mm and goes all the way up to 10 mm.
  • This trimmer offers a run time of 45 minutes once fully charged.
  • This trimmer from Nova also comes with the technology of self-sharpening blades. That also makes it a zero maintenance trimmer.
  • The power button is the slider type and will not trigger any accidental power on.


  • The charging time of this trimmer is 10 hours. This is the biggest con of this trimmer.
  • There is also no indication of battery percentage, which will end up in giving you confusion to start trimming or not if you haven’t charged it overnight.
  • There is no IP rating comes with this trimmer.
Should you buy?

If you are very tight on a budget and not going to spend more, you can buy this trimmer. However, the high charging time may be an irritating factor and have the potential to give some serious trouble if you forgot to charge every time before use. Nova offers this product at a very affordable pricing of ₹699 and available on Amazon India.

4. Philips BT1212/15 Trimmer

With Philips promoting this trimmer as Durable Consistent Performance, it is available at a very budget-friendly price. The packaging in which this trimmer comes in also is very decent and in a slimmer box. Philips provides self-sharpening blade technology in this product and also the charging method is via a USB cable. Along with three different combs and a good quality USB cable, the trimmer comes with a cleaning brush and a user manual with a warranty card. Philips provides 2 years of warranty on this trimmer.

Philips BT1212/15 Trimmer with its trimming attachments


  • The design of this trimmer is very ergonomic and provides a good feel in hand along with the grip while using.
  • The compact and slim build of this trimmer provides it a huge edge in comparison with other trimmers of this price range.
  • This trimmer weighs surprisingly low and this makes it a much preferable option to those who travel a lot. Philips BT1212/15 weighs only 95 gms.
  • The military green colour combined with grey also makes it attractive and elegant. This colour combination isn’t seen on other trimmers.
  • Though the material used is plastic, you will not complain about the build quality and will not feel like holding any cheap quality trimmer.
  • The power on/off button is a slider-style one and will not power the trimmer on accidentally if you are carrying it in your bag.
  • The combs also attach well and give a satisfying click.


  • The trimmer only comes with 3 length setting option, the combs are of 1 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm. If you are going for the 0.5 mm, you have to trim your beard without attaching any comb.
  • The charging indicator is a single LED and there is no indication of the battery percentage or how much charge is left.
  • You also will not be able to use the trimmer on wet skin as there is no IP rating that comes with it.
Should you buy?

This trimmer will be strictly average for those who regularly use a trimmer. However, the consumers who often trim like in a week or fortnight, this trimmer could be a very good pick. You just have to take care that you must charge it for at least 1 hour before using it as there is no battery percentage indicator. At the price of ₹845, you can get this trimmer on Amazon. Also, the price goes further down at the time of any sale or festivals.

5. Nova NHT-1071

This budget offering from Nova can be a good option for those who are tight on their budget and are not willing to spend much. This Nova trimmer comes with the tagline of Professional Trimmer, we will see that further in this review. Like other trimmers, this trimmer can also be used to trim all body hair including facial hair. The box of this trimmer is very attractive and catches the eye. The trimmer comes in 9-length settings. On Amazon India, it is one of the most sold Nova product and on the Amazon rankings, this trimmer stands on number ten in the category of Best Trimmer under 1500-rupees. .
Nova NHT-1071 blue-black trimmer front look


  • This trimmer comes with the gold-plated self-sharpening titanium blades. At this price, it’s a huge pro and not any other competitor provides it.
  • On a full charge, this trimmer will give you a standard 45-minute runtime. If you are a regular user, then you have to charge it on alternate days.
  • The build quality of this trimmer is also good and will provide a good grip and a nice precision with minimum effort.
  • The most interesting part is that it allows you to use it by plugging in if you forgot to charge it earlier. You will not have to go to the party with a half-shaved beard.
  • The lowest setting on the comb is 2 mm that goes all the way up to 18 mm. A total of 9 length settings are provided by Nova on this trimmer.
  • The charging mechanism is via a USB cable, you can charge it with the help of the adapter of your mobile charger, power bank, laptop, etc.
  • The trimmer comes with a slider-style power switch and the battery capacity on this trimmer is 1,000mAh.
  • The blue and black colour combinations also look very elegant and decent.


  • This trimmer takes 8 hours of time for a full charge that will give you only 45 minutes run time.
  • If Nova had provided a battery percentage indicator, it would have been a very good addition.
  • You should only use it in dry situations as the trimmer has no IP rating.
Should you buy?

Nova has a variety of options in the budget segment. If you are convinced with the pros and the cons aren’t affecting you that much, then we would like to say that you can go for this one. It will be the best trimmer under 1500-rupees that you can get for yourself if you are not a heavy user. The trimmer is available on Amazon at a very affordable price of ₹649.

6. Philips NT1150 Nose & Ear Trimmer

Many people don’t like body hair at all. The hair that is grown inside your ear and nose can be very irritating and cause itchiness all the time. The excess nose and ear hair are commonly seen in old age people. Though it’s a bit pricy, Philips understands your problem and is providing you a solution. The packaging comes in a very attractive design and the product is very securely put inside the box. This trimmer will be one of the gifts that people with excess body hair will love to have.
Philips NT1150 Nose & Ear Trimmer along cap.


  • The company claims to have equipped the trimmer with its indigenous ProtecTube technology. This technology will allow you to smoothly trim without any hair-pulling.
  • The shape is very ergonomic and you will feel no difficulty in trimming the hair. The grip is also extremely good.
  • The trimmer can also be washed underwater and there will be no damage occurs to the machinery.
  • The black/orange colour makes it look very elegant and the design is also very modern.
  • The trimmer requires one AA battery which Philips has provided inside the box.
  • The size is so compact that you can easily hold it in one hand and will fit easily in your palm.
  • The instruction manual is placed inside the trimmer in the battery compartment. You have to insert the provided AA battery first by opening the trimmer from the bottom.


  • There is no charging system and that could be a big drawback. There is also no indicator that how much battery is left.
  • Though the mid area of the trimmer has rubberized grip, the overall build of the trimmer could be a bit better.
  • The trimmer is very pricey.
Should you buy?

If you are all frustrated and irritated by the hair present in your ear and nose, you must not wait for any further to place an order right now. You will feel all relaxed and comfortable when you will trim all the ear and nose hair. However, the price of ₹1,149 makes it not any value for money product, still if you badly need one and it should also come from a reputed brand, go for it.

7. Syska Ultra Trim HT200

This beard trimmer from Syska comes under their Ultra Trim series. The trimmer comes with 10 length settings and the charging tech used is USB. The prime element of this trimmer is the design along with the self-sharpening blade technology that Syska is using. The trimmer comes with the promotion tagline of ‘Effortless Styling, Precision Trimming’. The packaging is done in a very attractive design. The box contains the trimmer, USB cable, and a cleaning brush. The good thing about this trimmer is that you can charge it with any USB 2.0 charger. The documentation is also present in the box along with the warranty card.

Syska Ultra Trim HT200 grey color trimmer.


  • This Syska trimmer has a very ergonomic design that fits perfectly in hand and doesn’t feel cheap at all.
  • The charging indicator is right above the charging point and indicates in red colour about the status.
  • A length setting comb comes pre-attached to the trimmer. The plastic quality of the comb is also very good.
  • Syska is offering 2 years of warranty on this product. Warranty doesn’t cover any physical or water damage.
  • The power on/off button is placed at a very convenient place and the slider mechanism used also avoids accidental triggers.
  • The trimmer provides you a 30-minute run-time, once fully charged.
  • The rotary dial placed on the backside is also very ergonomically placed and easy to use.


  • This trimmer takes approximately 8 hours to fully charge and only gives you the run-time of 30 minutes. That means you have to charge it before every use.
  • The length selector comes attached with the comb so you have to take extra care in keeping it.
  • In regard to its size, the 500 mAh battery seems a bit low, if Syska would have provided a bigger battery, this trimmer had the potential of being the best trimmer under 1500-rupee mark.
Should you buy?

This one is not for you if you are a regular user. The battery life is very much disappointing and the charging time is just the last nail in the coffin. If you are looking for a budget trimmer and trim your beard once in a while, this may be the one for you. You have to remember to put it on charge overnight before use. At the pricing of ₹651, Syska had the scope of improvement.

8. Vega VHTH 05 T-Desire

Vega is offering this trimmer as made especially for men. The trimmer comes in a good quality packaging from this lesser-known brand, Vega. All the details are mentioned on the box. The feature or quirk, you can say, that makes this trimmer bit different is that the trimmer comes with its own charging base. The length setting goes up to the number 5 only. The precision is from 3 mm to 7 mm. Once fully charged, the trimmer will give you the run-time of 45 minutes.
Vega VHTH 05 T-Desire Trimmer with charging base.


  • The trimmer also sports self-sharpening tech. That translates to, absolutely no maintenance is needed for this trimmer.
  • The box contains the trimmer unit, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, charging base, and a charger and the necessary documentation.
  • The trimmer comes in a very ergonomic design and the chrome-ish treatment done on the body gives it a very elegant look.
  • The charging indicator is placed upfront and will tell you the charging level with the help of two LEDs.
  • The charging mechanism is also very good and the charging base comes with the cable attached which directly plugs into the power socket.


  • The length settings are way less and will not satisfy a lot of users. This drawback takes it away from coming even close to the list of best trimmer under 1500-rupees.
  • The charging takes a long time of around 8-9 hours and gives you the run-time of only 45 minutes.
  • There is no IP rating and you will not be able to wash the blades underwater too.
Should you buy?

If you are looking for a trimmer in the budget, this Vega offering could be an option for you. The only aspect you should not that it comes with way fewer length settings and if you are the one who sets and styles his beard, this trimmer is definitely not for you. If Vega had given at least 10 settings, it would have been a good option. At ₹657, you can get one for yourself via

9. Kemei KM-27C

If you are in the market, looking for a budget option that offers some extra functionalities,  this trimmer from Kemei on the tenth spot on our list of Best Trimmer Under 1500 Rs. could be the one for you. All the details are mentioned with the pros & cons, in this review. The packaging is of very good quality and all the details are mentioned on the box with proper graphic representation. The box contains a user manual, 4 combs of different lengths, charging cord, and the trimmer along with a cleaning brush and lubricating oil. The 4 combs that come with the trimmer are 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm. 

Kemei KM-27C trimmer with charging cable, lubricating oil, brush and trimming attachments.


  • Except for the combs, the trimmer has in-build precision settings of length from 0.8 to 2 mm.
  • As soon as you will switch it on, you will feel the power that this trimmer has. The trimmer has the capability to trim your hair as well along with the beard.
  • The trimmer gives you the run-time of more than 1 hour, once fully charged.
  • As the trimmer is not water-resistant, you have to wash the blades by removing them from the body.
  • The LED indicator is present right beneath the power on/off and it indicates only when you put it on the charge.
  • The blades are very sharp and trim the beard easily in just one go. You will not have to repeatedly move in a single place.
  • The power on/off button is the slider-style and it actually helps in avoiding accidental triggers.


  • You may face a bit of difficulty in attaching and de-attaching the trimmer blades.
  • There is no change in charging indicator when the charging is complete and it could be little misleading.
  • The charging speeds are very low and the full charge takes around 9 hours.
Should you buy?

This Kemei trimmer could be the best option if you have thick hair and you have tried other trimmers and faced the hair-pulling issues. The trimmer also comes in a very affordable price segment and will definitely satisfy all your requirements. At the price of ₹490, this is one of the best trimmers, if not the best trimmer under 1500.

10. Concepa Kemei KM 1027

One of the most powerful trimmers available in the market right now. This trimmer from Kemei is the one that is operated on AC current and the product is very popular in the Chinese market. Comes in the slider packaging, the box is very well-build and the product is placed very securely inside it. The trimmer comes in two color combinations, black with blue accent linings and black with red accent linings. As the other Kemei one, this trimmer has also 4 attachments of 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm. 
Concepa Kemei KM 1027 trimmer info graphic


  • There is also a blade leveler present on the trimmer which helps you in setting the blades according to you more easily.
  • There is also a well-built power on/off switch. As the trimmer only works on AC current, there is no worry that it will switch itself on accidentally.
  • The trimmer in this price segment definitely qualifies as one of the best.
  • The ergonomic design, with the sturdy build quality and use of good quality materials, makes it a very good option for your trimming needs.
  • The stainless steel blades are also very sharp and don’t give any irritation while trimming.
  • There is also no stress of charging and you can use it anytime by just plugging it in the power socket.


  • The trimmers with AC current don’t have many cons and the performance is always top-notch.
  • If Kemei had provided titanium blades, it would be definitely the best trimmer under 1500, even under 1000.
Should you buy?

You are always traveling and can’t rely on the power supply, then you should just skip this one. As it’s on the AC current, it will always need a power supply to work. If you are going to use it at home only, then there might be no other option that will suit this best to you. At the price of just ₹899, you should get this one right away. 

11. Factors To Determine Before Buying

In a man’s life, there is probably nothing more important to him than his beard. He always tries to take extra care and styles it in different looks once in a while. To help a man in getting perfect and take his beard game to the very next level, all he needs is a good quality trimmer. There are various options that you will see online, as well as offline. 

But, you must get one according to your needs. The requirements are different from person-to-person. Here’s a short and simple buyer’s guide for you. 


The first thing you must ask yourself is, are you only going to trim and style your beard or you are getting it for trimming other body hair as well. If you are going to trim only the beard, then you should focus on battery life and precisions. 

The trimmer must come in various length settings to precisely trim your beard. If you are also going to cut your scalp hair or nose and ear ones. If you are also going to trim scalp here, then the focus should be on the power output.

Blade Material

Mostly there are two types of blades that the companies are providing, discussed below.

i) Titanium Blades

These blades are highly durable and don’t cause any itching or irritation. Also, these are self-sharpening blades.

ii) Stainless Steel Blades

These blades come at way less cost than the titanium ones. However, you will also not face any itching as such even in these blades. The blades are also very smooth and reliable.

Cord Type

There are three variants that are available in the trimmers in the aspect of cord types. All of them are discussed below in brief.

i) Corded Trimmer

These trimmers are way powerful and bulkier than the other ones. As they don’t run on batteries, they will also not run out of power. These trimmers actually give you the feel of the power output as soon as you switch them on.

ii) Cordless Trimmer

The power output is much lesser and comes with a restriction of run-time. However, on the other side, these trimmers offer you the freedom of using them anywhere and anytime. You can also keep them charged and are ideal for traveling. 

iii) Two-in-One

As these trimmers provide you the option of using them in both modes, these are also widely accepted by the users. The functionality is such that if they ran out of power, you can still use them by just plugging them in.

12. Some Extra Tips –

If you are a traveller, you must check the voltage, if it’s dual or not. As the voltage is different in countries. 

Always lookout for the design and if they can be easily cleaned or not.

Try to find the trimmer that comes with the lowest possible precision setting. You will find them easy while trimming mustaches and chin hair.

Always try to consult your hairdresser, as he/she is in the market and understands your requirements very well.

You should also look if it is easily portable or not. That means, check if the company is providing any pouch or not.

13. Our Recommendations…

After all the details and structured analysis, if you are still confused and couldn’t decide one for yourself, we are here concluding the article by recommending you two best trimmer under 1500-rupees. Not only that, you can get these at the best possible rate via the link provided in the respective reviews.

If you are the one who always trims your beard or hair at your home only, then the Kemei KM 1027 is the best fit for you. This trimmer provides you the utmost power along with the minimum precision settings possible. The trimmer is very much affordable and the overall build quality is also extremely good. You can click on the link after going through the review once again and buy one for yourself.

If you are a traveler, the Mi Beard trimmer is the one for you. It comes in a very modern design and the only trimmer that has some sort of battery percentage indicator, the trimmer also provides you 20 length settings and a good battery backup. You can definitely trust us and buy this one for yourself right away.

You should also clear the myth of ‘Best Trimmer Under 1500’, or under any price. There is no such thing as the best trimmer. It all depends on your requirements and the usage that you are going to get out of it.


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